Developing an understanding of Indigenous people’s profound connection to place is crucial for story-tellers who wish to express the underlying character of the places about which they write.

In Australia, where Indigenous peoples have the longest continuous cultures in the world and a close connection to country, the nexus between story and place is especially important.

In a globalised era where the places that stories unfold are increasingly overlooked, engagement with the place-based culture of Indigenous people can do much to reposition the ‘where?’ question back at the centre of story telling.

Through a revival of place-based practice, ACE students produce stories that contribute to a more inclusive articulation of Western Australia as a place.

In ACE, working with our Aboriginal community partners helps participating students and staff to reflexively transform the way they conceptualise their careers, through a consideration of their place and the place of others in the field of creative production.

We hope that by working to produce stories that our Aboriginal community partners want to share, we can help in their struggle to secure a sense of place in the media.

Collaborating with Aboriginal people has helped us view our professional practices through a sense of place lens, re-emphasising the ‘where?’ question in its application to both geographic place and the realm of the imagination.

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